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We are a longest-standing law firm in Dubai, an unrivalled position. We are one of the top law firms in UAE that has more than 12 years of experience and have experience in providing full-service offerings by law specialists for all sorts of legal services. The knowledge we have accumulated over the year helps us provide expert legal advice in the sectors which our clients operate in. Moreover, working with industry leaders in the area helps in improving our reputation for providing expert guidance on all areas of law. We are among the few legal firms in Dubai that have had the opportunity to assist people from over a wide variety of industries. Our highly experienced and qualified team of lawyers never studies your case carefully, before doing the needful.   


As one of the leading law firms in UAE, we regularly deal with a wide variety of international and domestic clients. We are committed to stand firm on the side of truth and continually fight for justice. We are now one of the best law firms in Dubai that engage with all sorts of legal requirements within their commercial spectrum and provide expert assistance in a variety of areas like their commercial needs, company governance, licensing arrangements, employment issues, commercial contracts, funding related issues, procurement, etc. We are one among the best corporate law firms in Dubai that don’t see a legal case not just as a quarrel between two parties but view it from a perspective of emotional values.   

Why Choose Khouri Law Firm

  • Fight For Justice

    The need for justice in an unjust world is an eternal plead for significant equity and righteousness.    

  • Best Case Stratergy

    Tailoring a winning case strategy in complex legal trials is a challenging state that demands relent.    

  • Experienced Lawyers

    It is with great experience in intricate cases an attorney tailor a lawsuit of success.  

Trusted Law Firm in Dubai

We are the best lawyers in Dubai that promise to help you tackle any issue you are in, abiding all the laws of the nation. Also, we have a team of the most expert and highly experienced lawyers, with deep knowledge about all the rules of the judiciary. We are always available to provide you legal advice for all kinds of Corporate, Criminal, Business, and Family cases . In the two decades since we started, we emerged as a leading law firm in Dubai. Today, we are in a status to provide you top quality guidance by a group of highly qualifies lawyers. Our strength always has been our experience, serving more than two decades in different courts over the UAE. We are currently well known across the Middle for handling high profile cases.    


Our expert legal consultants in Dubai speak in Arabic, Hindi, Russian as well as English and are aware of almost all the complications in the judiciary, and thus can provide you expert advice without letting any strong law point being ignored. This is an important aspect that distinguishes us from other  lawyers in Dubai . We are deeply invested to fight for justice, and we invest a significant amount of emotional investment in each case. We are aware that laying proper facts and perfect presentation is required to win any legal battle. We are renowned for providing the best strategies to help our clients win a case and our specialist team helps institutions to provide all sorts of solutions to manage your business effectively. 

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