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Crimes that are related to drug cases in Dubai can end up in a number of serious criminal charges. The meaning of drug trafficking is; dealing, trade, exchange or sale of illegal drugs. Some of the most commonly found drugs in the drug-related cases include Tramadol, Heroin, marijuana & cocaine. The law of the United Arab Emirates exacts very serious punishments to any drug-related criminal activities so as to fight against drug use. The punishment imposed if found guilty for a second time ranges from life imprisonment to the death penalty.

Our law firm in Dubai has criminal lawyers to deal with drug-related cases who have a high degree of legal knowledge that is essential for drug cases. In addition, our lawyer for drug cases in Dubai has great knowledge of laws and rules that are related to drug cases in emirate like drug sale, usage of drugs, possession of drugs and more. If wrongfully accused of drug cases our expert lawyers will strive to protect you in all ways legally possible.Need expert legal advice call us now.   

There are a number of drug laws in UAE and we offer advice and guidance for cases includes

Drug Possession

If a person is found in possession with drugs of any kind, they will be charged with cases that positions with an aim to sell. In addition, the penalties for the drug cases if caught with possession will completely depend on the amount and the type of drug that one had in the hold, your intention to distribute or sell, circumstances & the past criminal records the person holds.

Personal consumption of drug

Personal consumption of any forbidden element or substance could be listed under the drug case. If charged in possession or consumption of drugs, only the most professional criminal lawyers in Dubai can make difference in the case.

Trafficking of drugs

The drug trafficking cases mostly include charges like an exchange or even sale of major drugs like heroin, marijuana & tramadol. If proven guilty the conviction can include incarnation for a long term in federal or local prison.

Transporting of drugs

The offense of drug transportation is almost similar to that of trafficking but drug transportation aims at catching the main operatives of the drug market. Due to the policy of UAE to stamp out drugs the punishment that one can serve includes: 
•      Heavy fines
•      Probation
•      Life imprisonment
•      Death penalty 

Our Drug Case lawyer in Dubai works hand in hand with the criminal defence lawyers who are both committed and educated to defend you against drug-related charges. Be it your first or fifth conviction, our lawyers in Dubai will offer you with the excellent defence.Need expert legal advice call us now.   

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