Attestation services in UAE


Attestation Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & all over UAE

Ibrahim Khouri Advocates & legal consultants in the UAE is one of the leading law firm & lawyers who offers all types of attestation services from experts at an affordable price. We are one of the leading attestation service providers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al ain & all over the UAE. Some of the main attestation services include document attestation, Solicitor attestation & lawyer verification, Apostle seal for foreign jurisdiction, Affidavit on documents, etc… 

Need for Attestation services in UAE.

Attestation is a process of third party recognition on witnessing the execution of formal documents and signing to verify that it was properly signed by those bound by its contents. It is a legal acknowledgment and verification that the proper procedure followed in the execution of documents. True copy attestation is a process whereby the authentication certifies that the copy produced is a true copy of the original after verification of original documents.

Attestation is different from Notarization, Notarization is a process, where the authentication is done by Public Notary or state, appointed private Notaries. Only the listed documents can be notarized subject to the approval of concerned Public Notary or Notary Department of Ministry of Justice. Those documents which are beyond the scope of notarial services can be attested by the regulated law firms or lawyers in UAE through attestation/affidavit practice. Before proceeding to solicitor attestation, you must make sure that the authentication is done by the qualified and registered lawyer or law firms in UAE and regulated by the Department of Legal Affairs or Ministry of Justice.

Some of the Attestation services we are offering are


•     Document attestation 

•     Solicitor attestation 

•     Lawyer verification   

•     Apostle seal for foreign jurisdiction 

•     Contract validation by lawyer

•     Affidavit on documents 

•     Affidavit on sponsorship and legal status 

•     Verification of international transactional documents 

•     Attestation of travel documents 

•     Income Affidavit

•     Deed attestation 

•     Will execution for Muslims and Non Muslims. 

•     Attestation of civil partnership 

•     Affidavit on social security 

•     Commercial invoice attestation 

•     Attestation of statement of capital 

•     Affidavit on annual return 

•     Attestation of sale deed 

•     Attestation of import and export documents 

•     Attestation of board resolutions

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