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We are a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers in Abu Dhabi that have been providing legal services for over two decades. We provide a comprehensive range of legal services to a wide range of sectors. We are now one of the most established law firms in Abu Dhabi. With a presence all over the Middle East, we have one of the broadest networks among the legal firms in Abu Dhabi, and moreover, we are now one of the best lawyers in Dubai. This has allowed us to provide the best legal advice to our clients, in whatever way they need our help. We are one of the few law firms in Abu Dhabi that have the most experienced attorneys who will provide proper solutions after studying the case in detail. 

Our advocates in Abu Dhabi promise you to offer expert guidance to all your law-related worries. Our team helps you to tackle any legal issues while abiding all the laws of the country. They have deep knowledge of the laws and legal procedures in the UAE, and thus can help you find the perfect solutions for your cases. We provide you legal assistance for all sorts of cases like Family, Business, Criminal, or Corporate. We are one of the best law firms in Abu Dhabi that make the whole process easier for you by helping you find the perfect lawyer for your case, as we serve you with complete passion and dedication. Thus, we reached our current position as one of the most trusted lawyers in Abu Dhabi. Need expert legal advice call us now. 

Trusted Advocates & Legal Consultants in Abu Dhabi

We are one of the top legal consultants in Abu Dhabi that is committed to providing you the most useful legal advice regarding a wide range of cases. The knowledge that we have accumulated over these two decades will benefit you for any sort of legal matters. We are among the top international law firms Abu Dhabi and have always given importance to the values of loyalty, integrity, and deliverance. Today, we enjoy our position in the UAE as one of the most established names that are trusted by many people. Our strength is a group of well-versed and experienced lawyers who have handles a wide variety of legal matters over the years. They make sure that your justice is served, following all the rules and regulations in the UAE.

We are providing legal service for

Family / Divorce Law

Counselling on various issues that are revolving around the family relationships Divorce/Family Law focuses on area including adoption, custody of the child, divorce among a number of other aspects of the family issues. Our law firm has some of the leading advocates in Abu Dhabi who have a great understanding and practice in laws related to family and divorce thereby ensuring to offer you the best assistance in such a time of distress. 

Criminal Law

Starting with criminal violations and legal proceedings like regulating apprehension, charging, running trials, setting penalties & choosing the mode for treating the offender convicted, criminal law deals with a wide range of criminal offenses. Our legal consultants in Abu Dhabi have in-depth knowledge in various fields of criminal offenses and can assist you with any related case.Need expert legal advice call us now. 

Employement / Labour Law

Arbitrating the relation between the employee, employer, union & the government the Employment law or Labour law looks into disputes in matters of labour. The collective labour law mediates the triplet relation between employer, employee & union whereas the individual employment law relates to the right of the employees at work. We have well experienced Abu Dhabi lawyers and legal consultants who can offer you with an amicable resolution to all your worries regarding labour laws. 

Real Estate or Property Law

The simple description of property law or real estate law is any law related to land and buildings; this law oversees a broad array of legal restraints that are associated with matters like who can use or own a property. We have some of the most experienced advocates in Abu Dhabi who have an expert understanding of laws related to real estate or property; who can offer you can entrust with your cases in offering you the desired outcome.

Banking & finance services

Focusing on the contact-based relation between borrowers and lenders the Banking & Finance Law encompasses every money-related dispute from corporate business deals to personal loans. Our law firm in Abu Dhabi has some of the most eligible attorneys who have great expertise and exposure in handling complex conflicts that are related to financial matters and can promise you a successful outcome.  

Commercial / Corporate Law 

Catering to various sets of the legal commercial practices including drafting of various agreements, deals & contracts Commercial Law handle the legal aspects of commercial disputes whereas the Corporate Law governs the relations, rights and conduct of the business organizations. Our experienced legal consultants and advocates in Abu Dhabi have a long history of successful cases and thus have an experience like no other, hence we promise to help you in matters of corporate & commercial disputes.

Some other service includes:

-> Insurance Law

-> Immigration law services

-> Accident claim sevices

-> Fraud Cases

-> Shipping Cases


We are among the best law firms in Dubai that deals with a wide range of clients internationally as well as domestically. Our basic values are to always stick with the truth and fight until justice is served. Currently, we are a full-service law firm that is committed to delivering strong solutions for the cases with any level of difficulty. We offer the highest level of personal service for our clients, in a variety of areas like family law, civil law, criminal law, corporate law, arbitration law, etc. We actively engage with all sorts of legal requirements of your enterprise and provide expert assistance over a variety of areas like licensing, contracts, etc.Need expert legal advice call us now. 

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