Shipping | Maritime Law


Shipping | Maritime Law

Accounting for about 75% of commercial transactions around the globe, UAE is one of the most important Middle Eastern maritime outlets for both trade and transport. Thus, maritime or shipping related services are of almost importance in emirates. Our legal team which comprises of maritime lawyers in Dubai who offers adequate support in composing maritime contracts and in settling conflicts in matters related to maritime. With our in-depth knowledge and experience, our shipping lawyers in Dubai are experts in taking timely actions so as to carry out with the procedures and to take decisions in shipping claims. 

Advantages of Our Maritime Law Services

Our maritime lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other emirates in UAE are capable of providing legal assistance of high quality which includes services like implementing and drafting maritime contracts, resolving insurance claims, managing conflicts, or offering the clients with legal help or representation; we with our expert team, intend to provide the clients with efficient and friendly assistance along with expert lawyers. In every case, we take up, we make sure that the clients are informed on every step of legal proceedings, thereby offering a better outcome and ensuring a healthy and long-term customer relationship. 

Being one of the best law firms in Dubai, we expertise in managing both dry and wet ship disputes and issues. In our firm, we have the experience to offer legal advice and the ability to aid on ports, shipping terminals, offshore installations, smaller vessels and much more. Our legal assistance also stretches to clients who are in need of reclassified, vessels flagged or registered to other owners.

From the very beginning of the procedures, we make sure that the clients are well informed of the proceedings throughout. We also confirm that the right documentation is performed and filed and that all statutory aspects of importance are covered. 

Maritime Lawyers in UAE

Our Maritime Law Services 

Some of the few maritime services that we offer are as follows:

Misfortunes and crashes at sea - In cases which involve crash or collision, our experienced maritime lawyers can represent the client who would offer the best advice and assistance in speeding up the legal procedures.

Shipping insurance – In case of insurance, with the help of our shipping lawyers in Dubai, our clients can be advised and provided with the perfect type of shipping insurance that would assure complete agreement with all applicable laws.

Seizing of ships and other vessels - We can definitely help in the case of a seized ship. Trust our efficient and knowledgeable maritime lawyers who will find a solution to the dispute and proceed with the legal formalities. 

Legalities of carrier and logistics – Our law firm in Dubai of specialists are well trained on all the different legalities that are connected to freight shipping and commercial cargo who would advise you on proceedings related to the same. 

Salvage and wrecking - Special legal permission would be required for those clients who require wrecking or salvage and our assistance will cover a complete overview of the process from the beginning to the end. 

Employment and crew remittance – Our legal experts will be happy to offer legal guidance and support in any matter related to maritime employment which will include the staff payments. 

Our shipping and maritime lawyer in Dubai are skilful in foreign maritime law and has the experience to settle controversial issues by means of negotiation and mediation or even legally at court, thereby promising the clients with a desirable and suitable outcome.

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