Family | Divorce Law


Family | Divorce Law

Our team of best family lawyers in Dubai will help you stay ahead during these times of emotional distress. With our expert team of family lawyers, you will be girded with different strategies that will be helpful in your cause. You can be ensured that you will be well guided through every step of the legal proceedings by our family lawyers with an object to alleviate anxiety and reduce stress.   

Divorce is a highly delicate matter; the trauma associated with such sensitive matters can be minimized with proper legal expertise and counsel. Our consultants, attorneys & family lawyers hold a greater level of emotional intelligence as essential for divorce cases. Acting as highly qualified divorce lawyers with great experience, our supportive and strategic team provide effective and expert guidance to all in the UAE irrespective of the cast. More importantly, our team has an in-depth understanding of family laws & divorce laws in UAE; thereby assuring the cases will be taken care of sensitively.  Need expert legal advice, please call us now  

Family & Divorce Lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi


Apart from the emotional distress, the divorce dilemma has a bigger effect on one's financial stability and well-being; it is during such conditions that you should be certain of the people representing you. We surely understand that each case is different and unique in its own ways; thus,  our  law firm in Dubai have a highly-skilled team who are proficient in English, Hindi & Arabic languages and can instruct you on some of the most efficient & cost-effective methods to consider while proceeding with your case.

When to Instigate Divorce Proceedings

As per the law, you can instigate divorce proceedings while being on the verge of receiving a petition for divorce from your partner or while enduring an unsatisfactory relationship. Our professionals will review the case under the promptest jurisdictions depending on your very need and will negotiate reasonably & strongly on your account so as to assure that you receive your desired outcome & to make sure that you are well-protected. 

Financial Remuneration  

The decision on whether to proceed with the divorce petition requires an in-depth knowledge of both the consequences and the benefits of the divorce in all jurisdictions. Both our divorce lawyers and family lawyers in Dubai have a great experience in such jurisdictional issues and will help you make the right decision. In divorce cases it is very importer to consider the long-term future of both the spouses and your kids, thus a financial remuneration should be made-to-order, considering the family's requirements. Negotiating a practical and propitious financial agreement is a complex and skilful test that would require thoughtful study of copious factors.

 Negotiation and Settlement

In case you wish to settle the matter in a civil manner, you may choose a different conflict resolution method like Negotiation, Mediation & Conciliation. Here, Mediation offers a cost-effective, speedy & non-adversarial way of solving the issue by offering the divorcing couples a chance to regain an upper hand authority over the decisions which is one way to avoid disputed Court proceedings.   

Our divorce lawyers focus on areas like:  

•      Divorce
•      Arrangements for Children
•      Custody and Guardianship Issues
•      Ancillary Relief
•      Mediation
•      Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Approval 
•      Separation Approval 
•      Domestic Abuse/Injunctions and More. 
Whereas, our family lawyers provide you with:  
•      A detailed evaluation of your individual state of affairs to determine the right sequence of action
•      Representation at all initial meeting and at court
•      Training for memos for the court submission or of settlement arrangement as the case

•      Dealing with your divorce in every stage of the procedure and more. 

We realize that divorce can be a disturbing time and according to various researches; poor legal actions and guidance during a divorce can equally affect the children thereby shifting the relationship between the divorcing couples to a hazardous level. We can provide you with guidance on how to protect yourself in a broken marriage. Our family lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other emirates in UAE has an experience that is required to effectively advise on divorce, processing negotiation, legal paperwork, and more. With highly educated and well-experienced professionals handling your case, we guarantee to offer you convenience and relief in this time of pain and distress. Need expert legal advice call us now.


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