Accident Compensation Law


Accident Compensation Law

Being in an accident can give you any sort of injury, from minor scratches to serious injuries like a head injury or even a spinal injury. If sadly by any chance you get caught up in a terrible road accident in Dubai, which may or may not be due to your fault, you will be called for an accident claim upon personal injury. If unfortunately, you were in a state where the acting happened with you inside a taxi, train or even bus you will be eligible to avail accident compensation or car accident claims or both from an insurance company, but to continue with the legal proceeding it is necessary that you have a law professional by your side.   

Accident compensation lawyers in UAE

Our law firm has some of the leading Accident compensation & personal injury lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates in UAE who have in-depth knowledge on the law and procedural laws related to personal injuries and accident claims. Our lawyers also have great experience in such cases as they regularly work on accidental cases across the United Arab Emirates. Our accident claim lawyers will advocate you throughout the legal proceeding like an authoritative attorney and will work on your case with almost care.  

One if in an accident can proceed with accident compensation or claims if they have 
•      Injuries
•      Medical bills
•      Loss of wages
•      Property damage

•      Moral loss

Our accident claim lawyers in UAE, with our experience and efficiency, will help you through the difficult times of pain by offering you with legal support; we will also work with the insurance companies or accident parties by providing you time to recover as we proceed with the legal formalities of accident claims. Our law firm in Dubai will be capable of offering you feedbacks and viewpoints that will help you in your case and give you an idea of how to handle the proceedings. Our lawyers in Dubai will collect all possible information regarding your accident that will prove helpful in setting up a strong case so as to receive compensation and accident claim. More importantly, most part of the accident claim procedures will include negotiation and communication with insurance lawyers in Dubai, insurance companies & other parties, thus it is always best to have a legal professional by your side who know all laws and rules. 

While proceeding with an accident compensation or accident claim, the amount you will receive from the insurance company or other parties would depend on the following factors:

•      The total medical expenses that were incurred
•      The income of the victim
•      The age of the victim

•      The severity of the moral damage and the injuries sustained

Our personal injury & accident claim lawyers in UAE aims at empowering families, professionals, individuals and SMEs by making sure that you have enough support hand legal protection to stand up against influential insurance companies, individuals and their team of attorneys thereby ensuring a positive outcome of the legal proceedings for an accident claim and compensation. 

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