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When two individuals, organization or companies has contradicting opinions about a contact where they are not able to agree on how the terms are to be applied, a dispute begins which have to be settled under legal guidance. In order to resolve such issues of almost importance that concerns the law of contract, it is necessary to understand the different ways in which the court will apply the interpretation or construction of the contract is of eminent importance.

Our team of legal experts houses in some of the best contract lawyers in Dubai with in-depth experience on the ways in which a contact is constructed for any scale and the ways in which the law of contract is applied in the United Arab Emirates. In clear terms, an individual can take 2 different methods into consideration in which the contract could be interpreted namely, subjective and objective. In most cases, the judge wishes to look into the contracts intents as in subjective or look into the actions and the way in which they will connect to particular clauses as in objective. 

In most cases for clients who belong to a setting where the common law is applied will be in need of expert assistance and guidance in order to ensure that the contract will protect their personal interests and fit the purpose. Because the law of UAE is established on the UAE Civil Transactions Act, contradicting disputes regarding the law of contract will be determined inevitably by means of a subjective method. Our law firm in Dubai with some of the best contract and agreement lawyers will work in connection with real estate lawyers in Dubai so as to ensure that you have the best advice and assistance that will fit the law in which your contract disputes will be addressed.  Need expert legal advice, please call us now 

Our legal service and guidance include a complete set of services like

 •              Legal guidance for business planning

•              Analysis and review of the contract

•              Negotiation of contracts

•              Agreement drafting

•              Drafting of bespoke phrases

•              Attestation of completed negotiations

Our legal consultants in Dubai offer the clients with bespoke legal consultations for almost all categories of business transactions. In addition, our Contract Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & other emirates in UAE possess great knowledge in the market and the business tactics that are required to protect the commercial needs of our clients and guide them in realizing their variable objective of the business. Need expert legal advice, please call us now 

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