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According to law, fraud is explained as gaining or taking from others which include anything with a value like money or property by tricking be means like a writer document, verbal or forcing the victim to depend on the same so as to give something of value to the one committing fraud. In the UAE, the fraud cases are considered to be a serious offense that can be punished with imprisonment.

Our legal firm has some of the most leading fraud case lawyers in Dubai who offer guidance and litigation for such crimes like fraud to individuals, SMEs & families. Our team of fraud case lawyers and criminal lawyers in Dubai shines in understanding the criminal always un use like fraud and have deep-rooted connections that would allow us to work deeply on sensitive issues. According to the law, if a person who has already served his sentence proved guilty of fraud again, they can be put under surveillance and investigation for about 2 years or in terms of his past punishment. Need expert legal advice call us now.  

Elements of Fraud

For a person to be proved guilty of fraud, the case should have 3 main elements like the material of fraud, the method of fraud and the objective of the fraud or the intention to deceive

Material of fraud

The material used for fraud could include anything from false character, identity, or making a decision or action on a piece of property that does not belong to the deceiver. A lie without any such element will not be considered fraud by law.

Methods of fraud

Some of the main methods of deception that are required to fulfill the fraud is common documents or even paperwork, verbal or writer agreements, or even involving the 3rd part so as to cheat the victim so that they rely on such methods to handover valuable object to the deceiver.

Objective or intention of fraud 

The need to deceive a person or the objective of fraud can vary from revenge to personal profit or greed.

Our lawyer for a fraud case in Dubai specializes in defence prosecution and advisory in cases of fraud throughout the UAE. Our lawyers in Dubai have represented the clients across the country successfully and have brought convenience and relief as we allow our well experienced professional to handle your case.  Need expert legal advice call us now.  

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