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Debt Collection Lawyer in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Debt collection mostly includes cases that are related to delayed bills if companies, personal liability of selves, & amounts that are owned to bounced cheques. The amount that includes in collections can vary from a few thousand to millions or even multi-millions.  

Our law firm in Dubai houses in a number of specialized attorneys that work on all areas of collections and help in the recovery of the amount by means of negotiations, resolution, mediation or even civil and criminal litigations. Our team of debt recovery lawyers in Dubai sets up a recovery preceding that would suit your particular situation. Our team, look into the procedures and avenues in-depth which allows our team to come up with prominent and successful solutions in all possible cases and judgments. 

If you are in search of a debt collection & settlement lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or other emirates in UAE, our law firm with all the experience will offer you the best legal services in Dubai that would be required to successfully recover the fund by protecting your best interest. The debt collection & settlement services that we offer ensure an outstanding recovery of commercial debts from anywhere in emirates by various means including negotiations and mediation.  Need expert legal advice, please call us now 

Our Services

The legal services that we offer in cases related to debt collection include: 
•      Friendly negotiation & settlements
•      Cheque bounce
•      Legal proceedings
•      Default bank loan
•      Default personal loan
•      Violation of contracts

•      Violation of the legal agreement

Our legal professional represents and explains our clients with the proceeding of the legal court that we intend to initiate by representing them so as to recover the debts. We also look into attaining the debts from the corporate or individual indebted parties of our client by every legal means. Our team of debt recovery lawyers also collaborate their work with the banking and finance lawyers in Dubai who have great experience in the laws that are possible applications for our clients.

Our debt recovery lawyers in Dubai are highly dedicated and promises to provide the best service at reasonable cost. The aim we share is to provide you with the best options available in a concise yet informative manner. In addition, we also understand the fact that not being able to collect debts might add to the financial stress which affects you, thus we look into the smooth functioning of the legal proceeding.

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