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In Dubai, drink and drive is an extremely serious crime with extremely serious consequences which will include jail sentences for a long time. UAE has a very rigid law when it comes to driving under the influence of drinks or alcohol. Anyway, that doesn't mean that one cannot consume alcohol or liquid in Dubai; any individual with a license is allowed to consume alcohol according to the regulations of the land. The law for alcohol consumption and drink & drive applies to both tourists and residents in UAE alike.   

Our drink and drive lawyers in Dubai hold an in-depth experience and knowledge of all necessary aspects of such laws that are related to drink and drive. Apart from the drink and drive attorneys, such that comes under criminal offense are carried out by some of the best and most appropriate expert criminal lawyers in Dubai. More importantly, our legal team more understanding of the drink & driving and alcohol laws of Dubai. Our legal lawyers try their best to defend our wrongfully accused clients.

Punishments for Drink and Drive

An individual who is caught guilty in a case of drink and drive will have to face punishments like a fine of AED 20,000 and even imprisonment. The penalty one has to face will depend on the fact that that the driver was drunk while driving and the attempt to drive under the alcoholic influence or any narcotic substance. The person driving under the influence of alcohol can also get arrested under various charges of the law

•      The additional penalties that could be charged include the enactment of derivative measures by the court like: 
•      The suspension of license for a particular period of time which will not be less than 3 months or more than 2 years.
•      The driver will not be permitted to get a new license even after the barred license is overdue after the expiry date.

•      If caught drinking without alcohol permit, the individual will have to face imprisonment for 6 months or penalty or even both.

Our drink and drive lawyer in UAE have more practice to a number of drunks and drive cases which is highly necessary so as to handle a case both smoothly and efficiently, to carry out mediation and negotiation, to process with the legal formalities and to ensure a cost-effective and positive result.
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