How to Settle Rental Overdue in Dubai?


How to Settle Rental Overdue in Dubai?

If planning to live in a place like Dubai, UAE, renting a place to settle in would be the best choice, especially with a wide range of lifestyle options. Ranging from apartments to the best modern villas, the land has something to offer to all. From renting a place to live, begins the relationship between the tenants and the landlords. When one of the parties fails to keep up to the various terms in the contract like the payment of rent there arises a dispute between the landlord and the renter. Rental disputes especially due to rental arrears are very common in UAE which are in most cases resolved between the tenants and landlords. But in some cases, the dispute needed to be settled as per the land, and this when the need for a rental dispute lawyer in Dubai becomes inevitable. 

In case of a rental dispute due to overdue rents, the tenants must know what could be done so as to improve the situation in hand. Here are some of the methods that the tenants should consider if they are burdened by rental overdue.

Overdue or arrears are one of the most common rental disputes that arise between the landlords and the tenants. One of the best and most common ways in which you handle this issue is by negotiation. You can either ask the landlord for more time or you can even consider spreading the sum you owe over the future rent payments. It is not necessary that your landlord agrees with the new terms put forward but can come under common terms or set a repayment plan where the tenants agree to pay a regular amount over the usual rent every month until the overdue amount is cleared. If necessary, you can even take the help of an attorney to set the terms of the negotiation.

Law That Help
As per the tenant's rights, overdue or arrears or violation of any other tenancy terms does not coast the renters their lawful rights. Most landlords think that stripping the tenants of their rights due to overdue rent or other rental disputes are possible, but as per the tenancy law of Emirates, the tenants are offered every legal support and right even if they have rental arrears. As per the law, a landlord cannot terminate the contract due to overdue but if a landlord acts out of impulse by harassing the tenant or with unannounced legal procedures, the court can even speak in favor of the tenants. In a country like UAE with the help of a rental dispute lawyer in Dubai, one can simply swing the case in their favor in such conditions. Ao the assistance of an attorney is a must so that you get the law points right. 

The Rent Dispute Settlement Center
RDSC or rental dispute settlement center is one of the most tenant-friendly centers in UAE that one could approach in order to resolve any issues like rent overdue. It is one of the rental dispute settlement platforms where the committee listens to the various disagreements and conflicts that arise between the renters and the landlords, thereby offering the tenants to address their conflicts and hardships. The RDSC learns about both ends of the conflict with defenses and claims that are put forward by witnesses and the defendant before reaching a conclusion. The aid of a well-experienced lawyers in Dubai or any other emirates will always be an added benefit in such cases. 

In Case of Cheque Bounce
Rents can be paid off in different means and cheque is one of such means. Some rental dispute cases include rent arrears due to cheque bounce. In such cases, it is important to know that cheque bounce due to insufficient account balance is a criminal offense for which you would need the assistance of a lawyer in Dubai for cheque bounce or the help of a criminal lawyer. The landlord without hesitation can file a criminal case against the cheque bounce case which can only be dealt with the help of a well-experienced criminal lawyer in Dubai or any Emirates. 

Though most of the rental conflicts and issues can be dealt with between the landlords and the tenants in some extreme cases it is necessary to take legal help from an experienced attorney.

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