Ibrahim Ali Karam Khouri


Ibrahim Ali Karam Khouri


Languages:Arabic, English

Mr. Ibrahim Ali Karam Khouri founded Ibrahim Khoury advocates and Legal Consultancy in 2008 & led the company from the beginning with great experience and tremendous development that keeps pace with the urgent changes and continuous development of law work within the United Arab Emirates and provided many legal consultations in everything that falls under the federal law of the United Arab Emirates. 

He is an exceptional individual, an idealist with passion and energy for always discovering something new. He has strong insight into the legal world with bachelor’s, masters, and multiple courses in different disciples of law on both national and international levels. He is not afraid of taking risks which makes him one of the finest emirati lawyers in Dubai. Being a lawyer, advocate, and Chairman of the legal firm he is always stirring up new ideas. That's how we have gained the trust of clients over the years, so that at the end of each case or project it doesn't just restrict to achieving success but also in developing an impeccable reputation.

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